It is a research line that monitors and reflects on the new orientations and trends that are taking place in the audiovisual panorama, both locally and internationally. It is very important to monitor and learn about the changes in the audiovisual markets. As is well known, the audiovisual world is constantly changing and it is necessary to identify and analyse the innovations that are taking place in terms of content and formats. To this end, this research line aims to analyse the market, products, genres, formats and uses that can be pioneers in the production, screening and consumption of content.

In order to detect and analyse these trends and innovations, three areas have been defined: university students (students who come and go through international mobility programs), Basque creators and professionals from other fields abroad through the Etxepare Institute and, the most special area by qualification, audiovisual professionals of Basque origin but living abroad. In order to collect information, online surveys and in-depth interviews are conducted.

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